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India and Nepal are perhaps the best example of unity in diversity – different religions, language, customs and culture. There are differences in terms of tradition, lifestyle and fashion amongst the Indian people but the one change that cannot be ignored amidst all is the rising popularity of the Indo western Dresses.

With Globalization, conventional ways of putting on salwar kameez and saris gave way to modern trends and styles. With greater number of Indian women from different age groups casting their vote in favor of western apparels, designers are thinking of novel ways to revamp the good old sarees or the traditional salwar kameez.

The current trend in Indian fashion is Fusion wear. Western necklines, waistlines, cuts, length and fabrics are now being merged to Indian wear. This union of the east and west has fashioned some truly inimitable looks that are extremely up to date. Not only are they high on style quotient but they are extremely comfortable to wear. The Indo western dresses are also easier-to-manage and have sleeker looks quite like their Western counterparts.

The Indo Western Dresses look sexier maintaining the coy look that Traditional Indian dresses provide. Necklines popular in the West are now being adapted in Indian Dresses to lend a contemporary touch.

Though in the past, Indian women wore cotton blouses with full sleeves devoid of embellishments with predominance of Western influence, different styles of blouses like puffed sleeves, halter-neck, deep necks, and lycra-fitted blouses have made its way to the Indian women’s wardrobe. The regular length of blouses has lessened too. A halter or strappy top over a straight salwar, large armholes, spaghetti straps Noodle straps are all western borrowings that are adapted well in Indian blouses or salwar tops. Straight cut pants has outcasted the traditional churidar.

Spaghetti straps, sleeveless tops, slit pants, deeper necklines and better fitted kurtas are now the fashion rage of the season. Indo-western influences are evident in “kurta,” or long “kurti,” which is modern style of salwar kameez. There is a wide variety of fusion wear available in market to pick from such as crinkled crepe skirts, flowing tops over leggings, and bead work in A lined skirts or the Kurta motifs over track pants. The current empire line with broad borders in bold colors is the hottest addition in the long list of gorgeous Indo western dresses.


Embroidery and Motifs is significant in Indo western dresses. Motifs of flowers, elephants, leaf, peacock and Gods are designed on shirts or denim wear. Dresses have simple thread works in silver or satin or gold chain stitches. Payal and ghungrus on shirts or crystals are now being added for the purpose of embellishments. Denims are now decorated with a dash of sequins and colored artificial pearls. Animal prints on salwar suits also give a cool western look. Floral cotton shirts and tasseled stoles, kurtis having Indian embroidery, pencil long skirts with a handkerchief cut kurta clearly reveal the rising popularity of the fusion trend.


It’s an undoubted fact that the dash of Indo-western fusion concept has spiced up the Indian wardrobe putting India at par with the international fashion scenario.

For a woman, wearing accessories and wearing it properly is hard work. We women know it is an art. We are constantly on the look out for accessories and tools to help us get the job done quickly, efficiently, and right the first time. Starting over is just a hassle and takes more time than most of us really have. With that being said, what are the must have on the market today? You are about to find out. Accessories must is enjoyable. At the same time, many of these accessories can travel with us whether traveling across town or across the world.

Every Woman Must Have Nepal Makeup Mirrors Makeup mirrors come in several different types, sizes, shapes, and magnification. These are an essential tool in makeup application. While many of you will argue that you have a bathroom mirror, makeup mirrors are specific to makeup application. These mirrors are magnified to allow you to completely see what you are doing and best of all, many of them are transportable.The Nepal mirror is decorated with colorful patterns, the best and fashionable design. Makeup mirrors come in many different sizes from the integrated ones within your actual makeup or compact for quick access while out and about all the way to hand-held or lighted mirrors. Many women own many mirrors, some for travel and some for home, depending on their preferences.


Beauty accessories are everywhere and will always be there for women. If you go to a department store, the women’s beauty section is full of displays and products that women simply find irresistible. Many companies invest on these products simply because they are in demand. And billions of dollars are spent in buying these beauty accessories world-wide to enhance the beauty of the customer. But in fact, there have many cheap but beautiful accessories existing in this market, for example, the Nepal accessories. Here are the top 2 indispensable India and Nepal beauty accessories that women love to have:

(1) Fragrances and skin/body products

Everybody know Indian Fragrances and skin products are famous in the world, so it’s the best choice for your body for relaxing. Colognes, perfumes, body mists, lotions and other skin and body products have become basic necessities as well. Women love to feel and look good, and of course they also love to smell good for their loved ones and friends. Billions are spent on buying these products year after year. These are great gifts for women; and most men know that.


(2) Jewelry Jewelry is a sought-after beauty accessory that never goes out of style. Some women go overboard with jewelry by wearing them from top to toe. Some love the minimalist style. And some are in between. You’ll never go wrong with classic designs as these are timeless and complementary to almost any fashion style and taste. Among those jewelry, Nepal jewelry have the good design and can make women more attractive.



Women are so vain! NOT!

Beauty accessories have become a core necessity in maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of women. Some men are picking up on this trend because everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful.

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