Paper cutting

Paper cutting is a traditional art that has evolved throughout the course of Chinese cultural development. Its origin is closely connected with the invention of paper during the Eastern Han dynasty (25 A.D.-221 A.D.). In the days after its inception, paper was extremely precious, as a result, paper cutting was only popular among court ladies … Continue reading Paper cutting

Long gown

In traditional Chinese dress, a changshan (traditional Chinese: 長衫; simplified Chinese: 长衫; pinyin: Chángshān literally “long shirt”) is the male equivalent of the women’s qipao (cheongsam). It is also known as a changpao or dagua . The Mandarin word changshan is cognate with the Cantonese term chèuhngsàam, which has been borrowed into English as ‘cheongsam’. … Continue reading Long gown


When the Republic was founded in 1912, and the style of dress worn in China was based on Manchu dress (qipao and changshan), which had been imposed by the Qing Dynasty as a form of social control. The majority-Han Chinese revolutionaries who overthrew the Qing were fueled by failure of the Qing to defend China … Continue reading Jacket