Silk Fabric

Everyone has a feeling silk fabric, the soft and light texture is unparalleled, and the good one will be vertical like a waterfall without wrinkles. In fact, the culture of silk fabric is much more than we know. There are a variety of silk types. It is necessary to learn to distinguish silk from different aspects so that we can understand silk culture more.

silk fabric

Silk fabric types:

1.Pure Silk is the most expensive, because the raw materials are pure natural silk; the natural fiber contained in silk is mainly silk fiber. It is a continuous long fiber which is solidified by the silk secretion of silkworm. It is also called natural silk. It is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans, including pure silk, ramie silk, cassava silk and so on.

2.Rayon silk is also a kind of silk, its composition is a mixture of artificial silk;

3.Synthetic fiber is made of synthetic fiber with a certain softness of silk;

4. Interwoven silk is mixed with two or more raw materials, which are relatively inexpensive.

silk fabric

There are many well-known silk brands in China, such as Kaixiya, Wanshili and Aurora. Kaixiya is the national silk of G20, high quality silk; Wanshili has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to different product positioning and high quality, Aurora is the brand of the 80-nation ambassador platform. The quality and design can be compared with Hermes in fashion stage.

Ancient China has strict etiquette system. In ancient society, silk itself was a symbol of nobility and identity, while cotton and linen fabrics were the clothing of ordinary people.

silk fabric

Dragon pattern is also a special motif in the emperor’s costumes. Judging from historical records and archaeological excavations, the dragon pattern has been used in emperor costumes at the latest in Liao Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, the five-clawed dragon was dedicated to the emperor’s costume, while the smaller three-jawed dragon can still be used for general occasions. From the Ming Dynasty, there are the differences between the five-clawed dragon and the four-clawed dragonfly, as well as the flying fish and bullfighting, which are very similar to the dragon. In addition to the five-clawed dragon, the dragonfly, the flying fish and the bullfighting are used for gifting.

Today, silk fabric is not only one of the main materials for people to make clothing, but also one of the exquisite and luxurious high-end crafts and materials for making other crafts.

The development of the continuous advancement of silk weaving technology not only make the variety of silk fabrics increasingly rich, but also its use is expanding. We believe that this kind of process will not stop, so the ancient Chinese invention of silk will surely have new development.

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