Symbols of China

China has been known because of its origin in trade, commerce, and cultural heritage. As a result, many people have been curious about it. They are even curious about the symbols of China or what made this country unique. Are you one of them?  Do you want to take a glimpse with its vast identical features? Come and let’s find out those symbols that make China unique from other countries.

China symbols might be an animal, mythology ones, buildings, images or graphic character, or any things that can symbolized the role of China that has been known years and years ago. Have you heard about the GIANT PANDA? Giant Panda of China is more like an adorable creature. They are also called “black and white cat foot”. Pandas’ are considered as the conservation reliant endangered species that can only be found in Regions of China such as Sichuang and Shannxi, a part in western China.  Giant Pandas’ are recognized by its’ large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its’ round body.  By this unique and extra ordinary classification, it becomes the China’s National Emblems and the symbol of World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF).     

In China, there is the Loong (Dragon) as symbol. Chinese Loong differs from Dragon in western countries. The former is a symbol for power, strength, and goodluck. It is also a mythical creature that only appears in legends and mythologies, and even become the symbol of ancient throne. In addition, Loong is also one of the GODs’ of the East together with White Tiger, Rosefinch and Tortoise, which are the Four Sacred Animals in Taoism.  Sometimes Chinese people would identify themselves as “Descendants of the Dragon”. Typically, a 5-clawed dragon symbolized the Son of Heaven which is the Emperor himself. On the other hand, 4-clawed dragon (flood dragon) indicated the nobles. It is said to be the guardian of water, rainfall, hurricane and floods.  People believed and considered Loong as the Symbol of The Emperor.  When we talk about its physical appearance, Loong is a long-scaled, and serpentine creature with four legs. Usually this symbol was used by Chinese Businessmen as a decoration and mostly a good luck on their businesses.

Historically, Chinese people are brave. In fact, they have various ideas in fighting and winning a battle. The famous Great Wall of China had been a witness of their bravery. It was formed to protect the country from the past civilization and of course from the enemies that may attack the country during the World War times. It was also made to defend and keep the intruders from entering the mainland. This Great Wall of China was fortified into the list of the Worlds Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1987.  There are some areas of the Great Wall of China that are well known specially on the parts of Badaling, Mutianyu, and Simatai sections with in Beijing area. The construction of this wall started in the 5th Century BC. It is made of stones, brick, tamped earth, wood and other materials. This covers from Jiayuguan Pass in the west to Shanhaiguan Pass in the east. That has a total length of 8851.8 km that covers Liaoning, Hebei, Taijin, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, Shaanxii, Ningxia, Gansu and other 9 provinces and municipalities.

Those are some symbols of China making it different. If you visit the country, there are various scenery and symbols that would entice and give color to your life. With the influences by their culture and historical background, we will then be challenged to visit the place to observe and experience their lifestyle and living. These are just some of its symbol but have a big impact to the totality. Thus, it is our responsibility to cherish, preserve and protect these because it represents out identity, tradition, beliefs and living.

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