man’s accessories

Unless you live on a beach, it’s hard to get out of wearing pants, a shirt and shoes on a daily basis. Accessories, on the other hand, are items you wear for one of two reasons: because they perform some sort of practical function, like a belt that holds up your pants, or because they … Continue reading man’s accessories

wedding accessories

On your wedding day, you want to look at your best. Picking your wedding accessories can be a huge part of your ensemble. Whether you select just a few simple necessities or many to highlight your wedding dress, they each contribute to your appearance in different ways and have a special importance to them. Make … Continue reading wedding accessories

beaded handbag

Like most women, you probably have a great “little black dress” in your closet that can be worn for different occasions. And you have at least one pair of black shoes to go with that versatile little number. But how many times have you thrown these items on and wished you had a little something … Continue reading beaded handbag

mix and match

In an office atmosphere.To sum up your dressing style should be a mix of your personal comfort ,style,elegance and reflect your professional personality Some of the hallmarks of a good wardrobe are its versatility, variety and adaptability. Don’t worry; all this doesn’t require you to have a wardrobe of Hamletian proportions or to spend a … Continue reading mix and match