Chinese red

China Red, the Color of China From among a world of colors, red stands out the most. The color red is fresh and pure, and in China we call it China Red. Chinese people are fascinated by the color red not only because of its intoxicating vibrancy, but also because of its rich meaning in … Continue reading Chinese red

Chinese Knot

A string, tangling and twining, strings together the auspicious wishes, the long history of the Chinese culture and even the hearts of our Chinese people. Originated from the habit of making records by the knots of the rope, the Chinese knots have played a vital role in the Chinese costume culture, decorative culture and the … Continue reading Chinese Knot


What’s the most traditional costume in China? Undoubtedly, it’s the qipao. This enduring fashion is a form-fitting Chinese woman’s dress. Chinese female movie stars often wear qipaos as a perfect evening dress for social functions. Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li are among them. They’re really attractive and unique on the international stage. It is said … Continue reading qipao


When the Republic was founded in 1912, and the style of dress worn in China was based on Manchu dress (qipao and changshan), which had been imposed by the Qing Dynasty as a form of social control. The majority-Han Chinese revolutionaries who overthrew the Qing were fueled by failure of the Qing to defend China … Continue reading Jacket