Paper weight, also called “paper holder“, is an object used to press the paper when one writes or paints. The paper weight we usually see is in rectangular bar shape. In the ancient times, men of letters were fond of small-sized bronze or jade articles. They often put these articles on the desk and appreciated … Continue reading paperweight

Chinese Jade

‘Soft, smooth and glossy, it appeared to them like benevolence; fine, compact and strong – like intelligence’ Attributed to Confucius (about 551-479 BC) Jade has always been the material most highly prized by the Chinese, above silver and gold. From ancient times, this extremely tough translucent stone has been worked into ornaments, ceremonial weapons and … Continue reading Chinese Jade

Tibetan costume

The dancing and singing in Tibetan drama are comparatively simple and some of the singing is like recital. Therefore, costume plays an important role in shaping the characters. Tibetan theatrical costume and ornaments have a strong traditional style and national features. No matter what it is, a satin robe, an embroidered Tibetan robe, a headdress … Continue reading Tibetan costume