Chinese mask

Chinese masks are legend. The tradition of mask making in China and other Asian countries reflect the religious and culturally rich customs of each specific group of people. From the Buddhist masks of Tibet to the royal masks of Beijing, Asia’s love of masks is abundant. You can get in on this tradition by using … Continue reading Chinese mask

Tibetan costume

The dancing and singing in Tibetan drama are comparatively simple and some of the singing is like recital. Therefore, costume plays an important role in shaping the characters. Tibetan theatrical costume and ornaments have a strong traditional style and national features. No matter what it is, a satin robe, an embroidered Tibetan robe, a headdress … Continue reading Tibetan costume

matching set

Chinese clothing is ancient and modern, worn by the Chinese people. It has varied by region and time, and is recorded by the artifacts and arts of Chinese cultur. The articles of clothing of past dynasties are one chapter of Chinese long history and culture. They are not only the reflection of the politics and … Continue reading matching set