umbrella history

Umbrella history As a shade from the sun, the umbrella is of great antiquity. We see it in the sculptures and paintings of Egypt, and Sir Gardner Wilkinson has engraved a delineation of an Ethiopian princess, traveling in her chariot through Upper Egypt to Thebes, wherein the car is furnished with a kind of umbrella … Continue reading umbrella history

matching set

Chinese clothing is ancient and modern, worn by the Chinese people. It has varied by region and time, and is recorded by the artifacts and arts of Chinese cultur. The articles of clothing of past dynasties are one chapter of Chinese long history and culture. They are not only the reflection of the politics and … Continue reading matching set

chinese calligraphy

Writing is a tangible representation of spoken language. The composition of Chinese characters is divided into six basic categories:hsiang hsing, direct pictorial representation; chih shih, symbolic renderings of abstract ideas; hui yi, a combination of pictorial elements with symbolic renderings of abstract ideas; hsing sheng, a combination of phonetic and pictorial elements; chia chieh, a … Continue reading chinese calligraphy