The Rise of HanFu

A few years ago, there was a retro style in the society, and some antique costumes were also applied. Most of these costumes care about its beauty, and similarly, the appearance is beautiful, well-made clothes, in ancient times, ordinary The people’s home is not to be worn, of course, this is only formal. More reasons for revival of Hanfu are the revival of fine traditional culture.


Hanfu is a general concept more often. For example, we often see a very beautiful antique dress worn by a young lady on the street. Some people think it is a kimono or a hanbok. Moreover, in many formal occasions, some people wear Tang suits, and in the international arena, many foreign friends also think that this is Hanfu. However, Tang costumes are made from the improvement of clothing of Qing traditional, and some people ask, Can this Qing Dynasty costume be considered a Hanfu?


In fact, Hanfu is just like a microcosm of our Chinese civilization. It has also evolved over thousands of years. Each period has its own characteristics. For example, the round neck of the Tang Dynasty was learned from Hu Ren, which also explains The inclusiveness of our culture. The design of clothing in each period in history has been improved with the development of society or the absorption of civilization. But overall, the service structure of Hanfu has not changed much.


Until the Qing Dynasty, the policy of “shaving and facilitating” was implemented, and the standard of traditional clothing was completely changed. This was because the Chinese Wei Dynasty had been staged in the history of China, and the nomadic culture of the Jin Dynasty was conquered by the Central Plains culture. The plot. I don’t forget the past, and the future teacher, Dolly naturally does not want to see such consequences, so the reform must first proceed from the appearance.


The combination of “Renaissance” and Hanfu has a purpose that has been neglected. The rise of Hanfu is related to the revival of literature and art, and how can the revival of literature and art not mention the style of Han and Tang. The Han Dynasty was the second largest unified political power in China’s history. It existed for nearly five hundred years. Many cultures of the Han Dynasty were like the genes of the Chinese nation.

wall mural of Tang

From the murals handed down from the Tang Dynasty, it can be seen that the Tang Dynasty officials wore Chinese-style dresses to receive Hu people. In fact, the Tang Dynasty popular is Hu, but in this formal occasion, Put on the Chinese costumes, indicating that the Tang Dynasty people think that they are still under the Han culture. When the Hu people visit, they naturally have to show their positions and divide the boundaries.

women clothing of Ming

Before the Song Dynasty, although many foreigners invaded, they never reached the point of unifying the Central Plains. Therefore, the inheritance of Hanfu was not interrupted. After the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Han people’s regime was completely absent in the Central Plains, and the Hanfu company’s environment for ritual use was gone, and it was gradually forgotten. However, it was not long before Zhu Yuanzhang established the Han Dynasty-dominated political policy, and in order to eliminate the “Meng Yuan Hu Feng” left by the former dynasty, and restore the Han people’s “Han and Tang dynasty”, from the system to the clothing are based on the Tang and Song Dynasties, and then improved And a revival took place.


Therefore, when someone talks about the restoration of Hanfu, it is not only the revival of clothing, but the revival of the Han and Tang dynasties, and the revival of our 5,000-year civilization. 


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