wedding accessories

On your wedding day, you want to look at your best. Picking your wedding accessories can be a huge part of your ensemble. Whether you select just a few simple necessities or many to highlight your wedding dress, they each contribute to your appearance in different ways and have a special importance to them. Make sure that you have bought your wedding gown before shopping for bridal accessories. From head to toes there are many styles of accessories that can help you attain the perfect look for your wedding.


With so many shoes to choose from and only one wedding it’s important to pick the weding shoes that best suit you. If your a little shorter and you want a shoe that gives you more height, pumps or high heels may be your best bet. Flats, sandals, and slip on’s can be worn as more of a casual and comfy choice. Sandals can also be dressy with a slight heel to them or some bling. If your wedding venue is at or near a beach you might not even need shoes, barefoot is the best way to go when your at the beach, that way you can feel the warm sand in between your toes. You could even go for the Cinderella look and wear clear slippers to look just like a princess on your wedding day. There are so many styles and colors when picking shoes. Open toe, peep toe, slingbacks, strappy sandals, close toed, wedge heel, pumps, and platforms are just some of the many styles to choose from. Just make sure that you try on your wedding dress with your shoes to make sure they go together perfectly.



Anklets can be great for accessorizing your feet. You can choose between pearls, rhinestones, and crystals to find your perfect anklet. When picking your anklet it needs to go with your wedding shoes and your wedding gown. If your barefoot almost any anklet can work as long as it goes along with the embroidery or work on your dress. With shoes you need to be sure that the anklet doesn’t over power your shoes or dangle over them. Hearts, crosses, and dangling jewels are the most popular designs for anklets.



Bridal necklaces can be just as important as your wedding dress and shoes. Any necklace can add beauty and elegance to any dress you choose. You want a necklace that will match and look good with your dress. If you are wearing a V-neck wedding gown the best necklace to accompany it is a simple Y-drop necklace. If your wedding dress is a halter, you want a necklace that will stand out all around. A dangling or double stranded necklace could be just right to attract attention. With an opened back gown a dangling necklace is also a good choice to enhance the beauty of your dress. Pendants, Y-drop designs, single of double stranded, and chokers are all apart of picking a perfect bridal necklace to go with your dress and don’t forget all the jewels and designs!



Earrings also come in various shapes and sizes and of course have to match your necklace. You want earrings that will highlight your face and also compliment your hair style. If you have more of a round shaped face, dangling earrings can be a good option. Dangling earrings also look great if your wedding hair-do is styled down or curled. If your hair is being put up and styled studded earrings or pearls could compliment your hair the best. You don’t want earrings that will be weighing you down or taking away from your other jewelry. However, if you have a high-necked dress and are opting out of a necklace, dangling earrings are the best way to go. For more wide faces, hoops or sleek earrings can do the trick. Hoops, small studs, spirals or tear drop, diamonds, pearls,chandelier, and dangling earrings are all the different shapes and sizes that could add to your wedding ensemble.



Your wedding veil needs to compliment your overall appearance. You can decide to wear your veil as an accessory or over your face. If you choose to wear it over face you might want more of a shorter length to make things easier. Your veil should match the rest of your look (especially your wedding gown) and have the same shade or color as your wedding gown. It should also match the details such as your beading. If wearing a wedding dress that is floor length almost any veil will work. If your wedding gown tends to be shorter a shorter veil, about knee length, would go best. You want to be careful while picking out your veil because your veil is supposed to give you that glow and by picking the wrong one it could take away for your bridal appearance. Don’t forget to bring along your wedding dress while shopping for your veil.


You should enjoy picking out your wedding accessories and shop around. Take time to peak at all the different styles, colors, and prices for accessories. While looking for your own accessories, keep in mind your bridesmaids’ accessories as well. Have fun shopping for your extra goodies!

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