Wonderful Necklace


A necklace is an accessory worn around the neck. They are frequently in the form of metal chain with a pendant or locket often hanging from its end. Necklaces come in different styles and length that can change the look of your outfit. Of all your jewelry pieces, your necklace makes the greatest impact to your look. It gives flair and color to whatever you are wearing. The necklace you choose to wear could either make or break your outfit.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of necklaces you can choose from meaning that you may have a difficult time in deciding what kind of necklace you like best. Necklaces can usually be differentiated according to their lengths and widths. For example, the choker is the shortest necklace at fourteen to sixteen inches long, it is followed by the princess necklace which is eighteen inches long. Meanwhile, still another type of necklace is the matinee necklace which is at twenty two to twenty three inches long; this type of necklace is usually above the cleavage area. The last type of necklace is the longest one, the opera necklace; this type of necklace is below the cleavage and is placed at the breastbone.

Precious gems can also be placed in a necklace setting to give a sense of luxury and elegance to the user. The gems can come in all shapes and sizes and the necklace will give the background it needs to make things even more beautiful. On the other hand, fashionable and individual style choices should not be left out in selecting beautiful necklaces; there are bead necklaces, pearl necklaces, and even fake necklaces to suit a multitude of moods. There is no limit to the innovations being made to the once traditional necklace. It is really no wonder then that aside from the ring, the necklace is the most preferred type of jewelry being given to your special someone when an occasion arises.


Necklaces can be chokers, princess necklace, matinee necklace, opera necklace, rope necklaces (Sautoir), dog collar, bib necklace, graduated necklace and uniform necklace. Collars are typically about 13 inches long but can vary. They are most suitable to complement v-neck, boat neck or off the shoulder clothing.

A choker is about 14 inches long. It is the most classic of all necklaces. It is wrapped around and lies on the base of the neck. It can be matched with any clothing from casual to formal evening wear. Chokers set off any neckline. It is stylish when used with a button-down shirt and trendy with a cocktail dress.

If you are wearing something with high necklines, crew or low necklines or if you are not sure what’s the best strand to use, a princess necklace is best for you. It is also the ideal necklace to hang a pendant.


If you are going out for a business lunch or dinner or if you are wearing something casual or something with a high neckline, a matinee necklace is best for you. It adds elegance for a more sophisticated ensemble. It also suits sundresses and formal gowns. It gives a certain zest to an outfit while giving the person wearing it a feeling of confidence.

Opera necklaces are perfect for both crew and high necklines. It can be used for both casual and formal wear. It can be doubled to function as a choker. To create an old yet classic look, you could knot it at the neckline or above the breast line.


Rope necklaces are chic and incredibly sexy. You can have clasps placed in different locations so that you could have different necklaces and bracelets or have a multi-strand choker. Like Opera necklaces, you could knot this necklace for a trendier look. If you are wearing a backless dress, you could knot this necklace and sling it over your shoulder to give your dress more flair.

Looking for the Perfect Necklace

The best thing about choosing your necklaces is that you don’t have to traipse through malls in search of your necklaces as you can always shop online for fine necklaces from the comfort of your own home and go out feeling confident and trendy. Online stores have a large collection of necklaces that you can choose from, and it is updated regularly to suit whatever the trend is right now. They also display vintage pieces if you are into a more classical look.

Now that you have an idea what necklace to put on with whatever you are wearing, choosing the perfect necklace to accessorize your dress is not that daunting anymore.

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