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  • Papercuts
    Papercut is a kind of Chinese folk art and its history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. It is originally for religious purposes, but as time went on, it has been widely used as a decoration on a wall, window, door, column, mirror, lamp, and lantern in the house. The skilled craftsmen cut a variety of patterns with a scissor in a piece of paper, and the process is very complicated. It always takes a skilled craftsman much time and energy to complete a papercut work. For example, a skilled craftsman spend about half a month to finish the papercut work, Spreading Shades Of Dusk. The craftsman is preferring the daily activities of ordinary people, natural scenery, Chinese art, etc as patterns. On any happy festivals, the Chinese love choosing red papercuts as decorations pasted on the doors, windows of the house, wishing to bring good luck and fortune for family. Nowaday, many creative artists has perfectly combined papercut with Chinese painting, making papercut more artistic and tasteful as wall decorations.
  • Fans
    In 1106 B.C., fans were used in daily life. However, the fans had a long shaft, and were not used to keep off the heat, but to keep off the dust raised by wheels of a cart. Round fans made of silk and framed with bamboo, wood and ivory appeared in 991 B.C. It was not until the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) that fans were used by common people to enjoy cool air in summer. Round fans were first seen in China and remained the main shape of fans until the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279 A. D.). Folding fans were invented by the Japanese. Introduced into China through Korea in the 11th century, they quickly gained popularity in China thereafter. Here we can provide you from round fans to folding fans, from silk material to bamboo material.
  • Peking Opera Mask
    Peking Opera Mask

    The Chinese Opera Mask is a painting on the faces of actors in traditional Chinese operas, which is used in makeup and modeling art during stage performances. The situation is different for different professions. "Sheng" and "Dan" face makeup is simple, with a little powder, called "jun dress", "plain face", and "cleansing face". The facial paintings of "Jingxing" and "Uglyxing" are more complicated, especially Jing, both of which are painted with heavy paint and complicated patterns, so they are called "hualian". The facial makeup in opera mainly refers to the facial painting of Jing. "Ugly", because it plays a dramatic role, put a small piece of white powder on the bridge of the nose, commonly known as Xiaohualian.

    There are several theories about the origin of Chinese Beijing Opera Mask. One of which is the song and dance drama that flourished in the Tang Dynasty during the Northern and Southern Dynasties of our country. It is also called Da Mian or Dai Mian. It is a solo dance performed by men to extol the merits and virtues of the Lanling King. , Is talking about the Lanling King Gao Changgong, brave and a god of war. To prevent his opponent from seeing his feminie beauty every time he goes to war, he wears a fierce mask and wins repeatedly. In order to praise the Lanling King, people created solo dances with masks. Opera actors sketching facial makeup on the stage is used to increase the character, appearance, and status of the characters they play, to achieve rich stage colors, and to beautify the stage. Stage facial makeup is the harmony and unity of people's minds and perceptions.

  • Mao Series
    Mao Series
    Chairman Mao,he established the path of surrounding the cities from the countryside developing People's War as the military theory of the proletariat. He was the theoretician of New Democracy and founder of the People's Republic; a promoter of the Great Leap Forward and of the development of socialism;The proletariat has seen three gigantic triumphs in this century.
  • Unique Collections
    Unique Collections

    Scouring from the grandest of sunday market, to the shadiest of alleyways; Bargaining from most promininent high society of noble descendants, to the Gen-Z farmers of the desolate tundra of Tibet. GoodOrient have found remarkable ancient chinese treasures, relics and art that was handed down from generations to generations and well-preserved. Explore some of China's most unique inventions like abacus, Lottery poetry(kau chim), ancient chinese coins, and china's bronzeworking in this category that we have discovered for you!

  • Seal Carvings
    Seal Carvings
    The art of Chinese Seal Engraving originated thousands of years ago and were used by Chinese emperors to authenticate important documents.. A Chinese Seal consists of a decorative sculptured stone where your Chinese name is inscribed on the flat bottom surface. You can then dip the stone in a special red ink and stamp your name on greeting cards or makes a unique alternative as your personal document signature.
  • Chinese Knot
    Chinese Knot
    Chinese knot, is a Chinese unique folk purely hand-made knotting. From the beginning of 14 century A.D., Chinese knotting technique gradually steps into a prosperous stage. Its making must be through the working procedure, such as design, pulling out, trimming. Chinese knot receives its name according to its shape and connotation. It expresses best wishes and hearted prayers
  • Embroidered Articles
    Embroidered Articles
    The embroidered article (Daily necessaries), as its name says, is one kind of daily necessity taken as dresses and personal adornments in people's daily life. In accordance with its functions, it has been grouped into one for artistic appreciation, such as table screen, scroll painting; and the other is in daily use, quilt cover, pillowcase, embroidered clothing, theatrical apparels, table blankets, cushions, etc. as the following shows.
  • Inner Paintings
    Inner Paintings
    Inner painting, also known as inner drawing or inside painted, is a Chinese art form. It involves glass bottles which have pictures and often calligraphy painted on the inside surface of the glass. The bottles are produced by manipulating a specialized paint brush through the neck of the bottle. Inside-painted bottles are associated with Chinese snuff bottles. The earliest inside painted bottles are thought to have been made in the period between 1820 and 1830 as, by then, the beauty of a snuff bottle was probably more important than utilitarian considerations and considering this few would have been used for holding snuff. Here we GoodOrient provide you all kinds of inner painting arts.
  • Jade Articles
    Jade Articles

    Jade articles have played a very important part in the ancient Chinese civilization and the Chinese jade culture has a splendid history which is as long as seven thousand years. Jade symbolizes good luck, peace and happiness in China, which are all the people yearn for. There are two kinds of jade from the hardness. One is the soft jade which is originated from Xinjiang, China. The other is the hard jade which is originated from Myanmar. Besides, jade can be used for medical purpose. Jade can help resist heat stroke and help blood run smoothly. Thus, we have a proverb as "Gold is valuable, jade is invaluable".

  • Lacquers
    The lacquer ware is one of exquisite Chinese crafts. Chinese lacquer ware has a long history dating back as early as the New Stone Age. Chinese lacquer is a natural varnish made from the sap of the lacquer tree. China is abundant in lacquer resources. Exposed to air, it forms a plastic coat, resistant to water, acid or alkaline corrosion. To make lacquer ware, a base coat is applied to a core material, followed by extremely thin layers of the finest lacquer. Once these have dried, a final layer is added to make the lacquer strong and light, whilst maintaining the elegant appearance and harmonious color. It was in the Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, when the lacquer ware production started to flourish.
  • Miniature Arts
    Miniature Arts
    The painted sculpture and miniature, as one of the three stunts, is of rare flower among folk arts which has vivid realistic characteristics, and can portray the figures' personality and posture, pursue dissection structure, reasonable exaggeration, suitable acceptance and rejection, special applying to give attention to both shape and spirit and have great originality.
  • Silk Umbrellas
    Silk Umbrellas
    China is believed to be the home to umbrellas, which are still widely used in the country. The earliest umbrellas are known to have existed at least two thousand years ago, first made of silk and later popularly paper. In ancient times, the frames of the umbrellas were made of mulberry bark or bamboo.
  • Patchwork
    Patchwork art is based on paper-cuts, but is more simple, eyecatching and vibrant. Overlapping fabric -- sometimes as dense as a dozen layers -- brings patchwork into relief, giving it a three-dimensional effect to which paper-cuts cannot compare.
  • Dolls & Puppets
    Dolls & Puppets
    We have a grand selection of oriental dolls from the Far east. Dolls with distinct features from all regions of china and represents our diverse culture. Compliment your home with these eye chatching chinese dolls and puppets! True Asian culture is portrayed in each of these special dolls and is very proud to bring them to you...
  • Mini-Screens
    In Chinese, screens are called "pingfeng" which means to shield against the wind, a cause of disease according to traditional Chinese medical theory. In ancient China, the screen was placed near the head at night to keep drafts at bay. The number of panels in a screen could vary but never exceeded twelve panels.
  • Buddhist
    In general, Buddhism is a way of finding peace within oneself. It is a religion that helps us to find the happiness and contentment we seek. Buddhists develop inner peace, kindness and wisdom through their daily practice; and then share their experience with others bringing real benefit to this world. They try not to harm others and to live peacefully and gently, working towards the ultimate goal of pure and lasting happiness for all living beings.
  • Kites
    The materials of the traditional Chinese kites are mainly bamboo and silk. Purely made and painted by hand. Inheriting Chinese traditional crafts of kites, made by folk artisans from all over China. each kite was made with fine-selected material and excellent handicrafts. Each of them has been adjusted by kite experts, so they can fly high and steadily. Besides this, they're worth while appreciation and collections.
  • Handkerchiefs
    A handkerchief is just a small printed cloth square. Some of them are big, some small. Some of them are plain, some colored. Some of them even have all kinds of printed patterns. Some of them are thin, and some are thick. Some have straight edges, some wavy. They look simple and plain, but they have accompanied a generation going through decades. They have made contributions and brought happiness quietly. And they have conveyed the message of adoration between lovers. The little square cloth has always been symbolic of memorable evens, happy moments when maidens dab at their eyes, romantic moments when two people fall in love (where the suitor picks up a fallen handkerchief), touching moments when lovers are apart.
  • Chinese Zodiac Animals
    Chinese Zodiac Animals
    I'd like to introduce the lunar year mascots of China. We have 12 mascots in China to represent every 12 years. They are rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. And every two of them is a group. Specifically, rat and ox are a group which is a combination of intelligence and diligence. One is intelligent without diligence will lead to petty shrewdness, while one is diligent without intelligence will become stupid. Tiger and hare are a group which represents bravery and caution. One has more chances to succeed with the quality of bravery and caution. Dragon and snake are hardness and softness respectively. It is a good character for a person with the combination of hardness and softness in China. Horse and sheep are a group means courage and gentleness, the implied meaning is to march forward courageously with one's goal by adapting to the surrounding environment harmoniously. Monkey and rooster mean flexible and constant respectively. As we all know, monkey behaves flexible, and rooster calls people up regularly. Dog and pig are loyal and amiable. One who is only loyal is easy to exclude others, while one who is only amiable is easy to lost principle. That's all the implied meaning of the 12 mascots. I think you can get a better understanding of them now.
  • Clay Figurines
    Clay Figurines
    Clay figurine is one of antiquated folk arts in China. The clay is taken as raw material and manually kneaded into a figurine and the sculptures are mainly the characters and animals. Clay figurines as an art form have a long history in China. In the past, they were commonly fashioned to serve as toys, home ornaments, or symbols of particular spiritual significance. You will primarily find two types of clay figurines. One is made by hand and the other is molded. The molded ones are course and make good toys for children. The ones made by hand are delicate and offer a variety of characters that are based on either Chinese culture or traditional Chinese opera.
  • Dough Figurine
    Dough Figurine
    Dough figurine is a traditional handicraft art in China with a history of more than one thousand years. Colored dough is made of flour, sticky rice flour, honey and preservatives, then steamed and kneaded with different colors. Dough figurine made of colored dough remains colorfast and intact without getting decayed for decades
  • Chinese Panda Series
    Chinese Panda Series
    Panda is one of the rarest animals in the world, considered as one of China's national treasures. Chinese Panda Series lets you share treasured moments with your child that will be remembered forever. Toys and play in general, are important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. Adults use the Chinese Panda Series and play to form and strengthen social bonds, teach, remember and reinforce lessons from their youth, discover their identity, exercise their minds and bodies, explore relationships, practice skills, and decorate their living spaces. Chinese Panda Series has lovely design, attractive color, perfect quality make the item competitive.
  • Combine Embroidered Articles
    Combine Embroidered...
  • Pearl Jewelry
    Pearl Jewelry
    Pearl Jewelry would be a welcome addition to anyone's pearl jewelry collection. Picture the look on your loved one's face when the gift of a piece of pearl jewelry is showed. Or enjoy the luxury and versatility of these hand selected pearl pieces yourself. The range of colors and varieties of the pearl jewelry will be sure to please even the most particular tastes. We are famous china jewelry suppliers and can supply all styles of china jewelry at discount price. Here you can find pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces, pearl rings and pearl brooches etc. which are made from a great selection of natural pearls, cultured pearls, seawater pearls, freshwater pearls and black pearls. Just scroll down to pick your favorite pieces and make them a unique collection list by yourself!
  • Unique Vintage
    Unique Vintage
    Vintage styles and vintage inspired products have not legitimately earned the title "vintage", because quite simply, they are not vintage, and it is misleading to consumers. In essence, vintage products retains and increases in value due to the fact that it is genuinely from a past era. In addition, authentic vintage things are made one at a time, with enough attention to detail to create an item that has long lasting value. Therefore, those items have proven merit, which has stood the test of time. Our merchandiser spend a lot of time in asian market, from china or japan, trying to find out some unique vintage items, with cheap price and good design. Bring you a new feeling of buying and collecting.
  • Personalized Gifts
    Personalized Gifts
    Personalized customizable gift is the most thoughtful gift you can give. Nothing compares to that unforgettable moment when you watch your loved one unwrap the personalized gift you made just for them. Personalized gifts are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, create new loving memories and to help you show your loved ones just how much they mean to you in a way they'll treasure forever. Personalization Mall offers personalized gifts for every occasion and with a wide selection of gifts, you know your gift will be as unique as the person you are giving it to.
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