Green Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tieh Kuan Yin)

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Characteristics: rich, with a tinge of expensive cigar. Taste: rough, slightly sweet, warm. Aftertaste: long, with notes of sandal wood. Color of the brew: cognac. Effect: mildly invigorating and at the same time creating a feeling of comfort.The first tea tree of this sort was brought to Taiwan in the beginning of the 20th century. Its homeland is Anxi settlement (Fujian province, South-East China). The legend connects the advent of this tea with a peasant who daily prayed to Divine Kuan-Yin Goddess of Mercy. One day the Goddess came to him in his dream and said that the next day he would see a sign sent to him from on high. In the morning the peasant went to the forest and there, among rocks, he found a tea bush, which resembled a statue of the Goddess. He transplanted the bush to his garden and looked after it with solicitude. In spring, the peasant plucked the leaves and made tea which appeared very fragrant and tasty. But the tea leaves, as if made of iron, fell down to the bottom. Thus the tea got its name Iron Goddess of Mercy. The Tieh Kuan Yin that we offer is produced in Taiwan by orthodox procedure and, thus, it is different from continent Chinese tea with the same name. After being withering, roasting, rolling, and primary drying, Orthodox Tieh Kuan Yin is heated on charcoal for three days. This procedure gives the tea its unique taste and flavor and distinguishes it from all other turquoise teas. Tieh Kuan Yin is a luxury tea. Its drinking is accompanied with unusual and very pleasant sensation of comfort, with relaxed and, at the same time, elevated mood. Tieh Kuan Yin, strange as it may seem, perfectly combines with cognac and is very much appreciated by smokers. This tea may be served in a club atmosphere when one wants just to sit for a while in comfort and have a rest. Tieh Kuan Yin is undoubtedly an evening tea.Dimensions: 5"1/2x3"1/8x2"1/4 Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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