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Nepal & Tibetan 

Nepal & Tibetan
Nepal is a Hindu country,its original style of clothing attracted great number of people.Nepal's clothes are very loose, you can choose any dress collocation.There have all kind of jewelry,allmainly engage in material with copper, silver jewelry mainly varieties to bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants and so on.These are very suit for the people who pursue vogue and distinctive grade.
  • Tibetan Accessories
    Tibetan Accessories
    It is well known that the altitude of Tibet is highest in the world. Meantime, the Tibet ornaments and jewelry has its high reputation in the world which are made out elaborately by the civilian craftsman though handcraft. Especially, the selection of the material and the handcrafts are distinguished from the other nation's jewelry. The ornaments and jewelry with their decoration function focuses on their meanings of art and culture.
  • Nepal Accessories
    Nepal Accessories
  • Nepal Costume
    Nepal Costume
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