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A beautiful girl playing Chinese zither pattern papercut, with fine cut and extrodinary handwork. A retro and unique collection for you. Chinese Guzheng is one of the most ancient Chinese traditional music instruments. The Chinese zither,chess,calligraphy and painting are four skills of the Chinese literati. Among them the Chinese zither is the first important skill. Chinese zither is a superior art,when the ancient people played the zither, they must choose a very quiet time and burn incense. The zither player must give his entire attention and put all his feelings into the note, while the listeners are also very quiet and put their entire attention into the note, only in this way they can understand the feelings that the player wants to express. Environment, zither, zither player and the audience must combin together if someone wants to get the true meaning of the music." A friend is easy to get, but a faithful friend is hard to find", it also checks up with the meaning. Size:8"3/4Lx8"3/4W Color available: Red Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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